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Consultancy services

SandI driven by its state of the art CFD technology offers high-end CFD services to both aerospace and automotive industries. The code HiFUN scaling over several thousand processor cores can generate the entire drag polar for a full aircraft configuration involving over hundred million volumes in a matter of just a day! This highly efficient and reliable CFD process is indeed a designer's dream!

Customized code development

With its commitment to give the best of its services to the customers, SandI also offers customized code development, with an objective of tailoring the use of HiFUN to specific requirements from the customer. This ensures a seamless transition to HiFUN without altering the CFD process at the customer end.

Sales and maintenance of the SandI products

SandI aspires to reach to the CFD community its highly scalable flow solver HiFUN at very attractive prices. The code HiFUN is continuously evolving by imbibing the most modern CFD technology and every new version of this well maintained CFD software would be made available to the user community on a continuous basis.

CFD Education

With its objective to make the best use of the modern CFD tools like HiFUN, SandI runs education programs to train both an uninitiated aerodynamicist desirous of using CFD tools and an expert CFD user. SandI is also actively involved in developing tool kits for aerodynamics and fluid mechanics education.

CFD Research

SandI being a technology driven company, CFD research is an integral part of SandI's program. SandI's products evolve through the continuous in-house research initiatives. SandI also participates in sponsored CFD research programs.